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Stuff For A New Baby LINK

What do I need for a newborn baby? We get asked this question a lot. So we are sharing this Newborn Checklist to help you prepare for a new baby. Use this Newborn Checklist to get everything you need for a new baby.

Stuff For A New Baby

New moms are often overwhelmed with everything they have to do when getting ready for the baby's arrival, from setting up the baby's nursery to creating a baby registry to shopping for the baby's essentials. This newborn checklist will help new moms register for gifts and get what they need to buy before the baby's arrival.

Follow this newborn checklist below to tick off everything you need for your baby's sleep, diapering, gear, and nursery, which will see you through those first few months of your baby's life.

We accept most gently-loved items that are clean and in working order (i.e. not damaged, unsafe or recalled). We do not accept clothing, shoes, car seats or stuffed animals. Read more on acceptable items here.

Create a Target baby registry for a free Welcome Kit filled with free baby stuff. After creating a registry, pick up your gift at Guest Services! Note: This item is not mailed to you, you will need to pick it up at a Target store at Guest Services.

Receive a Similac sample pack that includes free full-size formula cans, formula bottles and baby caps as well as money-saving coupons from Similac StrongMoms Club. Note: Valid for pregnant moms only. You will also get a coupon for a free 88 Shutterfly photobook.

Daily Goodie Box sends boxes full of large size free samples. Make sure to confirm your email to qualify. The content of boxes changes every month and often includes free baby stuff including lotions and baby care products.

BuyBuy Baby offers a free baby goody bag when you create a baby registry online. They recently changed the process to get the baby box. You need to purchase it for $10 and then they credit $10 to your account, so you get your money back. The baby stuff I received in my box include 2 baby bottles, wipes, diapers, a pacifier, Shampoo & Wash and lotion.

The Babylist Hello Baby Box is a popular baby box but there is a shipping fee of $8.95. Plus you need to make a purchase of $20 on the Babylist shop. More info on the Babylist box here. My box included a baby bottle, wipes, a pacifier, breastfeeding accessories and more.

Become a Gerber Ambassador to have an exclusive opportunity to sample their products for free. From baby food to snacks, vitamins and supplements, and more, they offer a multitude of nutritious products for baby.

Receive free Exederm baby skincare samples in the mail. Just fill out the form and specify in the box at the bottom that you are looking for samples for your baby. Exederm offers Baby Eczema Cream, Lotion and Wash products.

Summer sends out free infant & baby products (0 to 3 year old) to users who join their product testing program. Just fill out the profile questionnaire to be on the list. Then wait to hear from them if you get selected to test a product!

The whole "New York City is a terrible place to raise babies" debate seems to continue, especially in conversations on local parenting groups. But as a mom of three NYC babies, I disagree. Yes, it can be a nuisance to find subway stations with working elevators and contend with tiny spaces and noisy neighbors. Still, there are so many enriching first-time experiences to share with your baby in the city that it's worth muddling through the inconveniences.

In non-pandemic times, we'd send you to an NYC movie theater offering special screenings for babies, where the sound is turned down, house lights are left on low, and no one cares if your baby needs to fuss for a few minutes, or you need to stop to rustle about to change a diaper. But necessity is the mother of invention, so the best kid-flicks right now are of the drive-in variety. Leave a little early, strap the babe into a car seat and let the motion lull them to sleep, then enjoy a date night in the front seat at one of these pop-up drive-in theaters in NYC. You get a night out, and you're prepping your tiny New Yorker for when they're ready to see movies on their own.

Live performances are making a comeback, and many pop-up performances are happening outdoors, like at Lincoln Center's Restart Stages and Bryant Park's summer performance series. So, keep an eye on our Event Calendar and plan to step out for some alfresco culture to build baby's love of the arts early and prep them for a life-long love affair with Broadway.

Why not include baby in your workout? Relax with some mommy and me yoga, or check out these postnatal exercise classes for new moms, all of which allow you to bring your infant in a stroller or to the mat.

When that adorable baby fuzz finally needs some professional styling, try hitting a children's hair salon in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens. Unlike your local barber, these spots cater to families. They often have TVs, books, and other things to keep kids amused and even offer first-haircut packages with certificates and a commemorative lock of baby hair.

You may have lived in your East Village walk-up or Harlem brownstone for a decade before Junior came into the world, but now that you've got a kid of your own, it's time to reacquaint yourself with the neighborhood through the eyes of a parent. We've got Neighborhood Guides profiling local kid-friendly haunts throughout the five boroughs, so put the baby in a stroller and check out our top family-friendly picks, then move on to exploring other hangouts citywide. Before you know it, you'll be back here looking for advice on preschool admissions.

You've probably got a photostream full of baby pics, but at some point, you may want a pro to snap a few special ones. Big Apple Portraits, on the Upper West Side, for example, offers no-sitting-fee 1/2-hour sessions. If heading to a studio seems daunting, hire a photographer to come to you. I did this with my firstborn at 6 weeks, and the playful shots are still hanging in my living room 15 years later.

Baby-and-me classes are a great way to break up the monotony of the day. We've got a roundup of unique, offbeat baby-and-me classes, plus an entire directory dedicated to classes and drop-in fun for everyone from babies and toddlers to tweens, teens, and beyond. If you're more comfortable staying in, we've got virtual options, too.

Once your baby passes the crawling stage, consider venturing to a destination playground. We've profiled many, but my mom-tested recommendations include Riverside Park's Hippo Playground, the Imagination Playground at South Street Seaport, Central Park's Tarr-Coyne Tots Playground, Brooklyn Bridge Park's mega sandbox and tot lot, and the Vanderbilt Street Playground in Prospect Park.

Speaking of wet-and-wild fun, a splash in a local pool is a big first for baby. NYC has tons of FREE outdoor pools during the summer, though a word to the wise: There are lots of rules, and most pools aren't heated. Really want to make a splash? Visit our post on parent-and-me swim lessons citywide. If you need sand-and-sun along with your splash, consider a trip to one of these nearby beaches, all accessible with a swipe of a MetroCard.

The holiday season in NYC second to none. There's a reason movies are set here, books are written about it, and dazzling annual stage shows sell out night after night. When that special first holiday season rolls around, be sure to establish a tradition all your own. For us, it's the yearly trek to Macy's Santaland. Yes, even my 15 year old sits on Santa's lap because he knows mommy needs a photo! So, whether it's checking out the store windows, catching a family-friendly production of the Nutcracker, gazing at the Dyker Lights, or something else, start a new tradition with baby in tow, and you'll look forward to repeating it year after year.

Whether you are expecting your first child or your fourth, giving birth can be a roller coaster of emotions. Having a new baby can be pure bliss, but it can also be equally exhausting and overwhelming. Particularly during the newborn phase, you may find once routine tasks difficult due to either lack of time, lack of energy or both.

Leading up to the birth of your baby, it may seem like all of your healthcare has been pregnancy oriented. However, before the baby is born, you should take care of other routine healthcare tasks. Go to the dentist and the optometrist for preventative care. If you need dental work or new glasses or contacts, take the time to get these things done while you do not have to worry about bringing a newborn along.

Where can I get Free Baby Stuff & infant supplies? Do you need free baby stuff and furniture for a new baby, like car seats, cribs, strollers, etc.? Find out where to find free baby stuff near you. Low-income families can help with baby things.

If you are pregnant, charities and other organizations help low-income families with things like Pampers, car seats, cribs, clothing, samples, and other free baby supplies. Babies are a blessing, but they are also costly. Find out how to get free baby items, like diapers, car seats, cribs, clothing, samples, and other free baby supplies.

Baby diapers are something moms will need for at least 3 years. Diapers are very expensive. If you need help with diapers for your little ones, you can get free baby diapers from your local food pantry.

If your baby is one formula, why not send away some samples from the Similac company. If you love the product, you can use the coupons you receive to apply for a discount. They also send other items you can use to help make mothering easier.

Walmart is a great place to shop for baby things. Their prices are very reasonable, and they have lots of choices. However, nothing is as good as free! Walmart is giving away free baby samples to anyone who asks.

Baby slings have been used for hundreds of years in other cultures. Women worked while having their infants snug and safe Find out how amazing it is to carry your baby close to you and have your arm free. Many stylish designs and prints. 041b061a72


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