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Where To Buy Yeti Coolers Cheap [UPDATED]

One of the features we like most about the Pelican line of coolers is their latch system, Pelican uses a completely different latch system when compared to other roto molded coolers. The Press & Pull latch system is significantly more durable (in our opinion) when compared to the more traditional T-Latch rubber latches. One last nod to the Pelican line up of coolers is the presence of a limited lifetime warranty. This provides a little more reassurance to most. The pelican is also often about $50-100 cheaper than a comparable sized Yeti, but more moderately priced in comparison to other high end coolers.

where to buy yeti coolers cheap

As most of you already know, coolers come in all shapes and sizes. Although most of us believe in the motto that there is never enough room in a cooler, especially if you're bringing home the days catch or more importantly packing a days supply of beer at a concert; this is not always the case. An extra large cooler can be a hassle to load, unload, and transport wherever you may be going. Size affects mobility, so if you are one regularly on the go make sure to not go overboard. Or if you are literally trying to be on the go on your cooler, you'll want to check out a cooler scooter. As mentioned, size affects mobility and many of the more expensive coolers do not have wheels so if you're considering a Yeti, Grizzly or Engel, you're almost certain to not have wheels on your cooler.

The last thing anyone wants to happen to them after spending several hundred dollars on a cooler is for it to break, and not be backed up by a quality warranty. Now, we just addressed how durable most of the coolers are now, but theres always that one guy or gal who just seems capable of breaking just about anything. Don't worry, thats us too! Even the strongest of items are still prone to unforeseen accidents. Therefore, you'll want to highly consider the warranty that comes with your cooler of choice. A Pelican for example comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, whereas a Yeti comes with a limited Five Year Warranty. We address the warranty of each cooler in their corresponding reviews which can be found via the comparison chart at the bottom of this page.

However, our sole goal with is to prove that quality coolers can be had at a much more affordable price tag. Our head to head comparison are some of our most read posts on this site and for good reason. Most readers and YouTube viewers have narrowed down their choices to several coolers. This is where our comparisons come in handy and help in deciding which is a better buy for their situation.

There is no doubt that Yeti coolers are pretty awesome. Bear proof, built to last and can keep ice for 7+ days (I tested it). But Yeti coolers don't come cheap and cost hundreds of dollars to purchase.

While Yeti coolers have stayed relatively the same over the years, each new cooler brand has tried to innovate to either make their coolers better by improving upon Yeti's original design or by manufacturing a similar cooler at a cheaper price.

This ultimately led to a lawsuit where RTIC was forced to redesign their coolers, but even post redesign the coolers still look just like a Yeti. It's really only the logo and some minor design features that it away as an imitation cooler.

The Siberian cooler used to be the best bang for buck cooler with the 40-Quart retailing at under $200. However, prices have recently risen and the Siberian is now in line with most of the other coolers like Yeti but cheaper.

RTIC coolers are very similar to Yeti. The likeness is striking except for one thing- price. RTIC aimed to create high-quality coolers but at a lower price. To make this possible, they made their overbuilt outdoor gear ready for the customer by selling it directly to the consumer. There are no middlemen involved, which makes them much cheaper options.

What's consistent across the entire line-up of Elite coolers is the robust insulation. This is the one continuous, thick layer of the highest-grade, pressure-injected polyurethane (PU) foam. There are no cut-outs or any thin-wall sections you can see in cheaper coolers. No compromises.

Is a bigger ice chest always better? Are the more expensive coolers actually worth their asking prices? And can any of the cheaper models keep up? Are ice life, insulation and versatility more significant?

The previous title holder for this category was one of the cheapest coolers we've tested to date, the Coleman Stacker. But the best value doesn't have to mean the least amount of money. This RTIC unit tested with impressively low temperatures. It gave the lowest temperatures in the midsize cooler category, and low enough to play ball with the largest of coolers we tested.

To that end, I carefully filled each cooler with water to the point that closing the lid would cause some water overflow. Then I measured out the exact number of quarts each cooler could hold -- important information to have when you're dealing with large quantities of melted ice. If anything, the smaller, cheaper models were mostly conservative in their estimates, with ones like the Coleman Xtreme and Igloo Latitude wheeled coolers coming in several quarts more sizable than advertised.

Oh, and if you'll be spending lots of time camping in a place where bears are a concern, then you'll probably want to invest in a bear-resistant cooler. The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee keeps a running list of certified options, which includes a number of coolers from this rundown. Several models I've tested from Cabela's, Orca, Rovr, Magellan Outdoors and Yeti all make the cut.

Let's take a pause to dive into hinges and latches a bit more. Some are good, some are bad and some are just nonexistent. Coolers with removable lids tend to be cheaper coolers that aren't going to perform in the top percentile -- with one exception I've found so far. Magellan Outdoors has a double-latching, double-hinged removable lid and happens to have won our picks for best small and large cooler. The easy-to-use, double-latched design means you can open the cooler from either side and, if you'd prefer, you can disengage the latches on both sides to remove the lid altogether.

If that's what you're hoping for, your best bet might be to turn to Kickstarter and Indiegogo, where expensive, gadgety mega-coolers like the Coolest Cooler and the Infinite Cooler live in infamy. I say infamy because both of those cash-grabs have a history of production delays and decidedly unhappy customers. Go on, read through the comments on the Infinite Cooler's Indiegogo campaign, which blew through a March 2019 ship date with nothing to show for it. It ain't pretty.

The problem is that buying the world's best cooler doesn't come cheap: Many Yeti coolers routinely cost hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, we have spotted several Yeti cooler deals, in the form of lower pricing for some models and Yeti cooler sales on a few discontinued models.

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If you look at YETI products on Amazon and elsewhere, their hard coolers are all somewhat pricey, in the several-hundred dollar range. The wheeled Tundra Haul cooler shown above typically retails for $400.

I have looked at those knowing what I was seeing but had curiosity. one site had these $300 coolers for $79, but then had a notice that sale transaction limited to $99. I think I read elsewhere that $99 number restricts actions of credit card companies or criminal investigations or the like. Funny for a store to limit total purchases.

The Yeti Hopper thermoregulates incredibly well for a soft-shell cooler. It is also about 10 times more expensive than most soft coolers on the market. Does it thermoregulate 10 times better than its cheap counterparts? No. Is it 10 times more durable? Absolutely. 041b061a72


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